NFTMint Date — 7/7/22

With the mint date vastly approaching, we are still in a battle with the cookie guards surrounding the CHXCO factory!

It has been confirmed that we are raiding the CHXCO factory on World Chxcolate Day — 7/7/22 4pm GMT.

The Battle Plan

Team CHXCO ARMY and team SUPER CHXCO are preparing for the ultimate battle as we aim to #SAVEOURCHXCOS from the CHXCO factory!

The days are getting shorter and the cookie guards are multiplying in numbers as we speak, come join us on our quest in saving the CHXCOs.

How Many CHXCOs Can We Save?

Our strongest recruits have been trained to their core. Not only are they faster and more strategic, but they have also increased in strength!

Saving 1 CHXCO is not enough, we have to save all 9,999 as no CHXCO gets left behind!

When minting, you are able to save up-to 20 CHXCOs at a time! Regroup with your team CHXCO captain to find out more on how to increase your chances on saving more CHXCOs in one go!

Why is the Mint Date so Close?

The mint date has been carefully chosen by co-founders Chris and Rain, as they believe an opportunity to mint on World Chxcolate Day is too golden to miss, keeping the consistency of the brand alive!

What Happens if you Don’t Sell Out?

We keep pushing forward with our brand and story telling!

There are many things to come for CHXCO CLUB as the founders do not believe in limiting themselves to the NFT space! Instead, they want to bring CHXCOs to the world and create a better tomorrow for communities all around the world!

CHXCO CLUB is not reliant on selling out due to the value and creativity implemented by both founders where everything will continue pushing forward in a positive direction.

You may be asking “how?”… Stick around long enough and you’ll soon find out!

Join us on our Mission to #SAVEOURCHXCOS

Come and join us in the public discord server and stay up to date on the story and all the announcements!

Be sure to check out our website and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram!



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