We Need Your Help

The CHXCO factory is commonly known for making delicious treats, but there is something cooking up behind closed doors.

The owners of the CHXCO factory have brought to life 9,999 uniquely crafted bars. They are all full of character and personality and they even picked out their own fashion style!

Unfortunately, the CHXCOs were unaware of the owners true intentions. The CHXCO bars are now trapped in the CHXCO factory as they’re ready to be shipped out and eaten and we need your help to save them!

How To Save the CHXCOs

Cookie guards are holding the CHXCOs inside the CHXCO factory and we need to be cautious.

The cookie guards have special magical armour and wield sweet yet poisonous weapons. Get touched by one of these and you’ll be left feeling so hungry, you’d be hypnotised to go to your local bakery for some delicious treats, distracting you from the original mission to save all CHXCOs.

Fortunately there are a few CHXCOs we have managed to save and they are sharing their polaroids with us to show us the life they are now living as a free CHXCO. But we need your help to save the rest!

Let’s join forces and spread #SAVEOURCHXCOS everywhere we go, bringing in more reinforcements to overthrow the cookie guards and the evil owners of the CHXCO factory, saving our beloved CHXCOs.

Join Our Mission

Join us in our conquest to free and save the CHXCOs! Follow us on Twitter to regroup with our CHXCO New Recruits, CHXCO Reinforcements and CHXCO Leaders as you make your way into the CHXCO Den. There you will be able to join a team dedicated to saving CHXCOs.

Additionally, Check out the polaroids of our saved CHXCOs on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram!



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