The Meaning Behind the Art

How It Started

CHXCO started off as an idea when Rain was sat drawing on her iPad as this is one of many ways she is able to express herself.

The earliest drawings of a CHXCO were shown to a few people, where everyone had the same reaction of a smile and laughter. Instantly Rain knew this was the start of something bigger than herself.

Soon after, the CHXCO was shown to Chris. He fell in love with what was created and he openly suggested they turn CHXCO into NFTs and thus CHXCO CLUB was born.

What the Art Represents

The essence of chxcolate is a feeling of joy that uplifts people. On many occasions, chxcolate brings a smile to faces. It is a memory of togetherness when sharing with friends, family and even strangers, leading to a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The founders wanted to bring that same essence to life within the web3 space, where someone feels warm and happy inside for owning a CHXCO NFT. Seeing how the art already makes people smile, both founders are confident the art lives up to the meaning of spreading the essence of chxcolate throughout the lives of many.

The Benefits of Owning a CHXCO

Not only will you have an amazing CHXCO NFT to look at to make you smile and laugh, but owning a CHXCO NFT also means you will receive priority in the future plans for CHXCO CLUB. The essence of chxcolate shall live on through each and every one of us.

How to Join

Simply follow us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date on everything CHXCO! Be sure to check out our website here:



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