We Are Live And Minting!

CHXCO CLUB is now minting! If you haven’t already saved a CHXCO, now is your time to do so!

How To Save A CHXCO

Follow this official link http://mint.chxcoclub.com/ and you will be directed to our mint page, where you have the option to save 1, 5, 10 or 20 CHXCOs at a time!

Simply connect your MetaMask wallet as you make your way towards the CHXCO factory to begin the raid! During the raid, head to the secret room and there you will find our CHXCOs that need saving.

But will you be able to get them out of the CHXCO factory without being spotted?

How Much Is It To Mint?

The mint price is locked at 0.08ETH excluding gas. Please ensure you have enough funds in your MetaMask wallet before attempting to #SAVEOURCHXCOS.

Please be sure to read through our terms and conditions before minting a CHXCO CLUB NFT.

What Do I Get As A CHXCO Holder?

Owning a CHXCO CLUB NFT gives you priority into all things CHXCO CLUB. This token will not only allow you to be a part of our amazing history and forever growing journey, but this will be recognised as a collectible for our brand.

What Happens If You Don’t Sell Out?

NFTs are a part of our business but is NOT the core of our business.

The CHXCO brand is an ever evolving brand with several different companies/projects underneath CHXCO, which are currently being worked on behind the scenes.

We are not relying on our NFTs to sell out in order to continue working towards the bigger picture.

Can I Still Join The Community Without Being A CHXCO Holder?

Most definitely! We would love to see each and every one you in our Discord community where we can have the most amazing fun together as one big CHXCO family!

Should you want to purchase a CHXCO CLUB NFT, we would encourage you to understand the brand and the project in its entirety before doing so.

As much as we love and appreciate all of your support, we would want to prioritise the NFTs for those who truly believe in the CHXCO brand and it’s longevity.

Join Us

Check out our website and make sure to follow us on Twitter!



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