CHXCO CLUB is a kids and family friendly collection of 9,999 uniquely crafted CHXCO bars on the ethereum blockchain.

Rain Wan (artist & co-founder) and Chris Chand (co-founder), decided to start this business to promote a selfless culture within the NFT space whilst giving back to the world. They both aim to spread the essence of chxcolate with every person they meet along the way.

However, CHXCO CLUB will not be limited to web3! With plenty of plans ahead, both founders have committed themselves to make this into a worldwide business with branching outside of NFTs.

Why Chxcolate?

Very much like in real life, we often gift chxcolate on special occasions and eat chxcolate as a deserving treat for ourselves! CHXCO CLUB wanted to bring that love and compassion in the form of digital artwork and community building. Everything that they do is to bring a smile on someone’s face in more ways than one. Together we can be the positive change and impact in the world.

Already, both founders have gone against the whitelist and grind culture, but instead have created a selfless culture within their Discord server, making this a second or third home for many.

Want to be a Part of CHXCO CLUB?

Join the Discord, visit their website and follow CHXCO CLUB on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to be a part of their community!



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